ci team screen shot The Carnegie Initiative (CI) is an independent oversight entity within the United States and Canada that will work to: 

  • Ensure that hockey is inclusive, supportive and welcoming to all
  • Examine the efforts of governing bodies and other stewards of the game to make hockey more diverse and inclusive
  • Use rigorous academic research to identify and solve the sport’s biggest issues
  • Shine a light on success stories and best practices
  • Create substantive, authentic change at scale

In short, change the culture of hockey.

The Carnegie Initiative, named in honor of legendary hockey player and social justice pioneer Herb Carnegie, was created to ensure opportunity and access to hockey everywhere. Co-founded by Bernice Carnegie and Bryant McBride, and in conjunction with leading academic institutions, the CI will accelerate the work started by Herb Carnegie more than 50 years ago when he launched his first hockey school in Toronto to make hockey more diverse and inclusive.

The CI will award grants to academic institutions to study the issues facing the sport of hockey and the underrepresented constituents it means to serve. These grants will serve as catalysts to deepen the study of critical issues plaguing the sport and will propose solutions that change the culture of hockey. These grants represent a tangible opportunity for patrons of The CI to make a meaningful difference.

* Currently The Carnegie Initiative USA and the The Carnegie Initiative Canada cannot provide charitable receipts for contributions but plan to do so, pending the successful applications for charitable status to the Internal Revenue Service and Revenue Canada, respectively.