Video Transcript

Thank you for your interest in The Carnegie Initiative for Inclusion & Acceptance in Hockey. My name is Bernice Carnegie, and in the 1930s, 40s and 50s, my late father, Herb Carnegie, was an anomaly in semi-pro hockey. As recounted in thousands of articles, books and documentaries, this black trailblazer had an outstanding 17-year career in semi-pro hockey playing on predominantly all-white teams. Like the title of his autobiography, he was “A Fly in a Pail of Milk.”

Was racism a factor back then? It sure was!

But as symbolized in The CI logo, he stick-handled around it, and put the red light on by continuously and successfully scoring both on and off the ice. Many feel my father’s greatest achievement was authoring the Future Aces philosophy, a code of conduct used as a guideline for making positive lifestyle choices. It enriched the lives of millions of youth, through sports programs and school initiatives.

All he ever wanted was to make this world a better place than he found it.

We invite you to follow Herb Carnegie’s lead by supporting the goals of The CI project that aim to pass the puck forward to build a hockey legacy that strives to unify humanity through initiatives that foster inclusion and acceptance.